Description page
What it is
The Toner containing vitamins for keeping skin bright and beautiful by brightening dark skin.

How to use
Use after facial wash.
Take adequate volume and spread on face and neck softly for absorption.

[Whitening Functional]
The Toner containing vitamins to keep skin bright and beautiful by brightening dull skin
Contains vitamins to strengthen skin barriers and give vitality to tired skin.

Skin Type
All skin type

150 ml

Key Ingredients
Vitamin C: It has whitening functional ingredients, and when absorbed into the skin, accelerates collagen production and is excellent at wrinkles improvement due to outstanding antioxidant effect.
Vitamin A: It has the antioxidant effect which protects the health of the skin by preventing skin's keratinization.
Vitamin E: This vitamin protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. It prevents skin aging, gives skin elasticity, prevents moisture evaporation and keeps the skin moisturized.
Niacinamide: This regulates sebum production while controlling pigmentation, strengthening skin barriers, and replenishes moisture.

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