Description page
What it is
Claireve by Lynn Hair Mask fills the cracked surface of hair with moisture and nutrition to make it smooth and help the cuticle to stick to the hair.

How to use
1. After shampooing, gently remove excess moisture from hair.
2. Apply hair serum (step1) evenly to hair. Gather hair and cover with hair cap(step2).
3. Ensure hair cap is snug around head by adjusting sticker on hair cap for better fit.
4. Gently massage scalp and hair. After 10~15 min, remove hair mask and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Claireve by Lynn hair mask cream forms moisturizing protein membranes on the surface of hair to help grow into shiny hair. The self-heating foil cap helps open the hair layer to absorb protein, which is the main ingredient of hair, moisture and nutrients deeply to the skin. It also protects hair from the outside stimuli, helping to keep your hair with long lasting gloss.

Skin Type
All hair type

30g + Hair cap

Key Ingredients
Avocado Oil-Proteins, Amino acids and Vitamin A, D and E in avocado oil, called ‘butter in the forest’, help to manage the dry hair.
Ubiquinone-It is well known as Coenzyme Q10. It helps to stabilize the cell membrane and protects cell function to prevent damage of the hair protein layer.
Camellia Japonica Seed Oil-It is easily penetrated into the scalp and preserves moisture for a long time. Eventually, it keeps hair soft and shiny.
Jojoba Seed Oil- It is a vegetable oil similar to human body fat, contains 95% of unsaturated fatty acids and is well absorbed to the hair without any un-mixing phenomenon. It also wraps the cuticle in a soft and shiny finish.

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