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What it is
Wash it with the scrubbing agent included in the shampoo at once.
Hair loss, dandruff, itching of the scalp, and troubleshooting hair.

How to use
Once a day, wet your hair and scalp with lukewarm water and apply an appropriate amount evenly to spread the grain of salt on your scalp. After lathering, massage every corner of your scalp for 3 minutes and wash it off.

1. Himalayan Mineral Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Uyuni Desert Salt Scaling scalp with Sal Triple Scaler™ in 3 components
2. Patent components scalp clear™ and microalgae extracts relieve scalp irritation and strengthen hair roots
3. One-size fits all silicone and Sulphate! Natural surfactant rich foam for cleaning scalp and hair waste products
4. Root volume up by recovering damaged hair due to chemical composition and heat stimulation, scalp heat down by cooling effect
5. Remove dirt from the scalp to remove grease and unpleasant odors
6. PETA Vegan & Crualty Free Certification in the United States
7. German Derma test 'Excellent' class of mildly acidic shampoo


Key Ingredients
-This Saltriple Scaler™ (30,000ppm) lathers to cleanse the hair and scalp of product buildup, dirt, and oil, leaving it both clean and refreshed.
*Saltriple Scaler™ : It consists of Himalayan Mineral Salt, Himalayan pink salt, Uyuni desert salt
Patent components scalp clear™ and microalgae extracts relieve scalp irritation and strengthen hair roots

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. It's a sensitive scalp, can I use it?
A. It's a 'EXCELLENT' rating from the Vegan & Cruelty Free Certification and German Derma Test, so you can use it with confidence.

Q. Does it help treat hair loss?
A. This is a functional cosmetic that can help relieve hair loss symptoms. If you use it with a focus on relieving hair loss symptoms, You can get help. (Personal differences exist)

Q. How's the foam?
A. This product focuses on enough foam and cleaning power. Please write enough lukewarm water on your scalp and hair before shampooing.

Q. The color has changed.
A. Purple V Complex's unique purple color as an artificial colorless product. The color may fade over time, but there is no problem with the quality, so feel free to use it.

Q. How much can I use?
A. The amount is about 500 won when it is reduced on the palm of the hand, but there may be differences in usage depending on the individual's hair length. If you use it once a day, you can use it for about a month.

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